• Felix Calvo

    Rota farmer Felix Calvo feeding his tilapia

  • Abalone

    Big Island Abalone

  • Tilapia fry

    Tilapia fry being transferred to Waialua H.S.

  • Seafood

    Delicious fish

  • Shrimp


Get Involved! The AQUA program is a public outreach and K-12 education program that aims to educate residents in Hawaii and U.S. Affiliated Pacific Islands about aquaculture. It is a collaborative effort between multiple organizations involved in aquaculture in the region, and is managed by the Center for Tropical and Subtropical Aquaculture (CTSA).

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Aquaculture of Yellow Tang Will Help Protect Reefs

Research conducted at the Oceanic Institute (OI) and sponsored by CTSA has resulted in new knowledge that may lead to the eventual captive...

Prawn Research Success in Fiji

A milestone in aquaculture research has been achieved at the Seawater Laboratory of the Division of Marine Studies at the University of the South...

Learning from Ancient Hawaiians

A recent study has shown that ancient Hawaiians and other historic civilizations practiced good fisheries management, including the use of sustainable aquaculture practices.

Published: Friday,...